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Success Stories

Ahmed & Celina

The most beautiful thing about our relationship as Husband and Wife is that every now and then after prayer we would sit down, take the time and make dua together. First, he starts off making his dua for me then at a certain point when he’s done, he gives me a nudge that its my turn

We found each other with SingleMuslim

Sedki & Shayda

I was presented her as a match and thought wow!

I took the nine hour journey from Texas to London and she came to pick me up. She tapped me and said my name. I looked up and she had her hair up in ponytail with a beautiful smile from ear to ear, it was perfect!

We wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for SingleMuslim

Sonia & Abid

I never dreamed as a young girl marrying a guy who’s a certain way, works a certain job or looks a certain way. Emotional intelligence has always been the key. I’d never come across the full package until I met Abid through SingleMuslim, he’s perfect for me, my happiness says it all.