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Matchmaking The VIP Way

SingleMuslim VIP is an exclusive matchmaking service for Muslims seeking to complete their faith through marriage.


You get dedicated matchmaking experts from across the world working exclusively for you.


We provide you with handpicked matches, based on a real understanding of you.


We are by your side on your matchmaking journey, coaching you to help you find your perfect match.

Getting married is one of the most beautiful moments in our lives, but finding a life partner can be an incredibly challenging and daunting task.

Our intimate and exclusive Matchmakers, along with our global networks, help you find ‘the one’ quickly, safely and securely.

‘And among His signs is that He created for you partners from among yourselves, that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you love and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for those that reflect.’


VIP Service

If there’s one thing in life worth investing for, it’s the person you will share it with. Our highly personalised exclusive service and our membership packages reflect the commitment, time and focus that goes into each individual.

  • Classic

  • £4,000

  • £5,000
    • Dedicated Matchmaker
    • 12-month Service
    • 360 Profile Build
    • Comprehensive Personal Search
    • Up to 5 qualified matches
    • Arranged introductions
    • 2x Relationship Coaching Sessions
    • Regular Matchmaker updates
    • 3 months Hold period
  • Become a VIP
  • Premium

  • £10,000

    • Dedicated Matchmaker
    • 12-month Service
    • 360 Profile Build
    • Dream Partner Profiling
    • Image Consultation
    • Comprehensive Personal Search
    • Up to 7 qualified matches
    • Compatibility Evaluation
    • Arranged introductions
    • 3x Relationship Coaching Sessions
    • Regular Matchmaker updates
    • 3 months Hold period
  • Become a VIP
  • Elite

  • £15,000

    • Dedicated Matchmaker
    • 12-month Service
    • 360 Profile Build
    • Dream Partner Profiling
    • Personal Portrait Photoshoot
    • Personality profiling
    • Head Hunted Personal Search
    • Up to 10 qualified matches
    • Compatibility Evaluation
    • Comprehensive Vetting of matches
    • Facilitated introductions
    • 5x Relationship Coaching Sessions
    • Pre-Marital Counselling
    • Regular Matchmaker updates
    • 6 months Hold period
  • Become a VIP

Let our team of professional VIP matchmakers take the stress out of finding a suitable match.

VIP Black Book

Our VIP Black book allows to you to step ahead of the rest and add your profile to our network giving you the opportunity to be matched to our VIP members. You will be interviewed and vetted to assess your suitability. If selected, you will be made available to match to our clients for an unlimited time until you marry.

  • Black Book Member

  • £499

    • 360 profile build
    • Pre vetting
    • Qualified matching
    • Unlimited time until you marry
    • Access to other member benefits
  • Become a Black Book Member

Take it one step further with VVIP

The most exclusive matchmaking can be created only by the power of the network. Led by Adeem Younis, the founder of SingleMuslim, we provide an exclusive service based on our personal VIP networks. With absolute discretion, privacy, and personal introductions, this service is for high-net worth individuals, politically exposed persons, and those from the world’s most elite families.

  • Private Association

  • £25,000

  • Providing you with a headhunted personal search for the perfect match, leave all the hard work to our matchmakers with our highly personalised service.
  • Start your VVIP journey
  • Private Club

  • £50,000

  • Let us take you to places and introduce you to matches that are more in your league with this highly-specialised bespoke and unrivalled matchmaking service.
  • Start your VVIP journey
  • Private Commission

  • £100,000

  • Exclusive for our high-achieving clients providing the specialist service you require with our specialised, well connected and exclusive private VIP client list.
  • Start your VVIP journey

Let our team of professional VIP matchmakers take the stress out of finding a suitable match.

The VIP Guarantee

As the pioneer of online Muslim matchmaking, SingleMuslim has been the leader in global Muslim introductions for over 20 years. Underpinned by our ethos, values and Islamic principles, not forgetting our understanding of you, we’re a truly unique matchmaking agency.

Facilitated over 100k marriages

Our VIP matchmakers have the know-how on what makes the best match.

20 Years’ Experience

We have built up a wealth of knowledge, expertise and networks over two decades.

Worldwide reach

Our VIP service transcends cultures and networks across the UK, Europe, Americas, South Asia and the Middle East.

The World’s Best Matchmaker.

Meet the man who played cupid for 100,000 Muslim marriages. Adeem Younis, founder of SingleMuslim, who has built up the UK's largest faith-based matchmaking app and is the man behind the exclusive new SingleMuslimVIP matchmaking service.

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“I took the 9-hour journey from Texas to London and she came to pick me up. She tapped me and said my name. I looked up and having her hair up in pony tail wearing this smile from ear to ear, it was perfect!“

Sedki & Shayda

“Emotional intelligence has always been the key. I’d never come across the full package until I met Abid through SingleMuslim, he’s perfect for me, my happiness says it all.“

Sonia & Abid

“My mum doesn’t have an extended Musim family, so you know I tried friends, I tried going to events, those didn’t work out so well for me mostly because of my background. With SingleMuslim there was a wide range of people matched to my criteria“

Ahmed & Celina



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