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Counselling is an intensely immersive experience. It deepens mutual understanding and brings both clarity and focus into the relationship

Offering a tremendous amount of growth and learning through a short period of intense connection the goal being of preparation and education for the relationship to help you build a strong foundation for your marriage and give you the space to address challenging issues with your future partner

What matters most

Counselling helps puts some healthy realism into the relationship, looking beyond physical and emotional infatuation. Learning relationship skills and developing them is essential to a lifelong successful marriage journey

Analysing compatibility

Preparing well for marriage has many benefits and allows couples to assess compatibility is an open, honest and realistic way. Couples who undertake premarital education are more skilled at conflict resolution

Rights and Responsibilities

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Islamic rights and responsibilities as husband and wife. Knowing these lays the foundation for a respectful, loving and peaceful relationship in accordance with the teachings of Islam.


Let the experts at SingleMuslim VIP provide an objective viewpoint that can help identify any red flags that you may have missed and help you feel more confident about getting married

  • Pre-Marital

  • £749

    • 4 sessions
    • Individual and group
    • Goals and Aspirations
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  • Post Marital

  • £549

    • Assessment
    • Feedback
    • Collaborative discussion
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  • Session

  • £179

    • Individual or couple
    • Problem solving
    • Solution focussed
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Let our team of professional matchmakers take the stress out of finding a suitable match.

The VIP Guarantee

We are about facilitating an environment that is conducive to the acceptance of one another and communication towards the resolution of the couples own conflicts and concerns and providing a mechanism for change


We provide a professional and strictly confidential service giving you the confidence to be open and honest Our certified counsellors, bound by confidentiality, will work with you to understand your needs, provide guidance, and identify any potential issues

Safe Environment

Our trained counsellors are here to help you tackle your most challenging needs such as divorce, loss of a partner, childhood trauma, difficulties in your marriage relationships.

Islamic Values

We know how important it is for Muslims to have an Islamic perspective in counselling hence why we offer a holistic approach to your well being, which includes looking at ones faith, culture as well as family dynamics

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