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Is this service only for Muslims?

SingleMuslim VIP is a matchmaking service exclusively for Muslims who value and want to retain their religious beliefs, regardless of ethnic origin or sect. We base our search on 20 years of knowledge of Muslim Matrimonial’s and most importantly on what you desire and the partner you are looking for

Is this service available outside the UK

Our matchmaking service is worldwide with unparalleled networks across the UK, Europe, North Americas and the Middle East. We accept Single Muslims looking for their VIP partner from all countries. As long as you can pass our secure vetting so we can prove who you are you can find love through us

What is a qualified match?

We have dedicated VIP matchmakers working exclusively for you, learning about you, about your ideal partner and through their breadth of knowledge built up over the years, know how your preferences and personality type match with other candidates within our networks. Thus, we are confident in the matches we select for you will be ones to your mutual interest and liking, making them a qualified match

Why do I need a matchmaking service?

You may not need such a service or may not know you need it yet. Our objective is to help Muslims on their journey to find their life partner. The search to find someone suitable for many can be quite challenging and daunting, with some not even knowing where to start. Our 20 years of experience in helping facilitate over 100,000 marriages sets us up quite well as being those with the know how. Thus, let us be the ones to help you through one of your most important life decisions

I’m too busy to meet someone, how do you make it easier for me

Finding your perfect partner takes commitment and hours of investment in searching for them. Our dedicated VIP matchmakers do all the hard work for you. We carry out partner searches across a varied number of networks and personally select handpicked matches that fulfil your specified criteria meaning you spend more of your time deeply reviewing relevant matches

How long does it take to get my matches

Finding love is a very personal thing and there is no one way to conduct matchmaking other than it being tailored to each individual’s needs and expectations, thus why we bring you SingleMuslim VIP.
Once we conduct your 360-profile build about you and learn what you are looking for our dedicated matchmakers begin the search immediately and you will soon start to see vetted, verified and compatible potential matches.

Are you guaranteed to find me a partner?

Love is a matter of the heart and we can’t guarantee who you will fall in love with, but what we can guarantee is that through our years of experience we have built up the know how of how to make the chance of finding love very real. As long as you enter the process with honesty and an open heart, we will present the best possible matches, opening up the opportunity of finding the one

What is the right package for me

Determining the right package for you in dependent on where you are with your journey and what you are looking for from our service. We believe we have the right mix of packages for everyone, but most importantly also have packages where we can build your matchmaking journey tailored to your needs

Why do you charge for Matchmaking

SingleMuslim is a highly personalised due to it being a human service and conducting searches in the way that we do is time and resource heavy. At times like this sometimes only the best will do. We do offer a suite of services which can support you though different ways as the full matchmaking package may not be right for you right now. You can find out more in our services section.

When does my Membership start

Once your payment is processed, a dedicated matchmaker is assigned to you and they get in touch immediately to start the process of vetting and the 360 profile build. You will always have regular communications from them on what’s happening and what your journey entails.

How long is my membership

We have a mix of VIP packages that run for 12 to 18 months. We believe that is an optimal time to ensure you get the success you desire and for us to be there for you all the way up to that big day with the services we provide. Its not just about the match, setting you up for a long and happy marriage is our objective

Can I join if I’m a divorcee?

SingleMuslim VIP is here for all Muslims looking for love. Whether you are divorced or have children, or you are in the public eye we know how to help you get what you need with a service the way you need it and are able to find likeminded matches handpicked for you. We also have access to VIP
expert coaches who help you and us through any complex challenge in your matchmaking journey aiding us in achieving the success in finding a partner

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be over the age of 21 years to utilise SingleMuslim VIP

How do you observe Shariah regulations in this service?

SingleMuslim VIP has been designed by Muslims who deeply understand our faith and the challenges of finding a partner in today’s society. Our matchmakers have undergone training on Islamic marriages, ensuring sensitivities to all Islamic codes of conduct furthermore our services have been vetted by scholars and teachers of the highest repute. We also have a panel of Islamic scholars at hand to assist your matchmaking journey with the guidance available at each stage it is required.

Is this process secure?

Our matchmaking is built on the principles of the confidentiality, privacy and discreteness those who need our service require. We ensure all your data and personal information is kept strictly confidential on secure servers and handled only by trained matchmakers and never publicly share any profile information. We also vet, background check and interview everyone before you meet and verify their personal information and ID. We feel these measures help us stand out with the highest standard of client confidentiality.

How are meetings with matches facilitated

We understand individual preferences thus allow mutually agreed matches that have been through our process to contact and facilitate meets directly. This allows matches to meet in places and with the people they feel most comfortable with and also helps have some initial communication before the daunting meet up. Our dedicated matchmakers are always at hand before the meet to ensure you are best prepared and also after the meet to obtain your thoughts and feelings from the potential match. We can also help arrange meet ups with you where needs require, recommending places where our clients can feel safe, secure and comfortable during that meet

Can I cancel my membership at any time? What about refunds?

Our Matchmakers spend a lot of time searching through our database to find your matches, as such we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. If you are unhappy with the service you have received, please send an email to and a Member of the team will handle your complaints and resolve any issues you may have had.

I have another question which hasn't been answered here

The SingleMuslim VIP team are hand to answer any questions you have. Visit contact us and let us help you with your query