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Matchmaking for the VVIP With the world at your feet and the sky as your limit, you form a select group of people where the number of suitable Muslim partners isn’t as limitless. Compromise isn’t an option when it comes to fulfilling half your faith, making it lonely at the top.
SingleMuslim VVIP has a private client list which is the envy of many, alongside unrivalled experience in making introductions for high achieving clients selectively, seamlessly and most importantly in a discrete and private manner. Led by Adeem Younis, the founder of SingleMuslim, we have an exclusive service powered by human interaction and based on our personal Muslim VIP networks for high-net worth individuals, politically exposed persons, and those from the world’s most elite families
Private Association You access our association because you are looking for that specific, select professional or sophisticated type someone to match your lifestyle and personality. We deliver a headhunted, personal search where you leave all the hard work to us in the confidence that whoever we present to you has been interviewed and vetted to ensure they are someone you can comfortably meet and relate with. £25,000 Start your VVIP journey £50,000 Private Club Your set of highly personalised requirements lead you towards our club. You are looking for someone in your league whether that means a specific nationality, status, family background or lifestyle which only our tailored service and exclusive networks can provide. Step on in and see for yourself. SingleMuslim VIP won’t disappoint. Start your VVIP journey Private Commissioned The search for your perfect Muslim King or Queen is not easy when you are high profile or in the public eye. Culture-specific and sensitive requirements require a delicate level of expertise and discretion that you don’t normally find. With over two decades’ experience finding love for the rich and famous, Adeem Younis, founder of SingleMuslim, can provide you with an exclusive one-to-one service to help you find your unique partner. £100,000 Start your VVIP journey CONTACT US and discover our beautiful flower garden Facebook | Instagram | Pintrest +44 20 81254074 Victoria Chambers, 40 Wood Street WF1 4NT, United Kingdom